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General Information Requirements
Last name:
First name:
Social Insurance Number:
Birthdate: Date  Sex
Telephone Number:
Marital status: Married   Common-Law   Widowed
Divorced   Separated   Single
Street Address:
City: Province: Postal Code:
Income Slips I Have Included Deductions I'm Entitled To
RC62 Universal child care benefit

T4 Employment Income

T4E Employment Insurance Income

Pension & Other Income

T4OAS Old Age Security

T4PS Profit sharing

T3 Income from trusts

T5 Income from investments

T5007 Workers compensation/scoial assistance

T5008 Securities transactions

T5013 Income from partnerships

T5018 Subcontractors

RRSP Contributions: March last year through February this year

Pension plan contributions

Medical Expenses including: medical, dental, prescriptions, nursing homes, private heath insurance, Medical travel over 40kms... For a complete list in a new tab click here

Charitable Donations which must be supported by Tax Receipts issued by the registered charity

Tuition T2202A fees/education amount for yourself or transferred from a child or grandchild

Interest paid during the year on a Student loan

Dues union or professional

Public transit passes

Sports/Arts Children's participation in programs related to physical activities and the arts

Interest on money borrowed to purchase investments

Safety deposit box fees

Professional consultant fees related to investment income

Legal fees paid to establish child or spousal support or enforce a pre-existing agreement. This does not include fees to get a separation or divorce

Legal fees paid to recover wages from an employer

Child Care expenses

Moving expenses for moving at least 40kms closer to work or school, including costs to maintain former residence

Property Tax/Rent paid and to whom

Political contribution receipts

Tools acquired by apprentice vehicle mechanics or by a tradesperson who is an employee

Adoption expenses

T2201 Disability tax credit form completed by an authorized health practitioner

T2200 Conditions of Employment and details of employment expenses, by category, that were a condition of employment and not reimbursed by your employer

T1223 Clergy residence deduction

Isolated Area Deduction regarding residence in a prescribed area

Other Income Information I've Included

Sale of Real Estate(Date, Description, Proceeds of disposition, Adjusted Cost Base)

Sale of Security(Date, Description, Proceeds of disposition and Adjusted Cost Base)

Foreign Investment Income(Description, Amount, Currency)

Taxable Spousal Support(Total support, Spousal Support, Name and SIN of Payer)

Director Fees

Foreign Pensions

Scholarships, fellowships and bursaries

Other Employment income (tips, stock option plans)

RESP details regarding withdrawals from a Registered Education Savings Plan

RRSP-HBP details regarding Home Buyers' Plan

RRSP-LLP details regarding Life Long Learning repayment

1st Time home buyer

Installments receipt for installment payments

Carry forwards do you have carry forwards from a previous year for donations, undeducted RRSP, or Losses

Foreign Property Detail of foreign property owned at any time during the year including things such as cash, stocks, trusts, partnerships, real estate, tangible and intangible property, etc.

Business/Rental Income

Rental Property Information which includes: Address of property and number of units, Income by unit, Expense by category and unit, Partners name, address and SIN

Business, Unincorporated Information which includes: Revenue, Expenses listed by category, Capital Assests aquired or disposed of, Motor vehicle expenses with usage log, Home office details and house expenses, Partners name, address and SIN

First Time Clients

Last Year's Tax Return also include any notice of reassessments you have received since your last filling

Direct Deposit I'd like my refund/HST credit direct deposited and I've attached a void cheque

Elections Canada I would like my information shared with Elections Canada